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The Excelsior Hotel

on Thursday, 17 June 2010. Posted in Finding Accommodation in Sydney

the Excelsior Hotel is tucked away in the heart of Surry Hills, one of the coolest suburbs in Sydney.  this pub has live music, great food and boutique accommodation that goes by the name of Happy Chappys. 

The pub and accommodation are run by two brothers, so the place instantly has a really great feel about it – you’ll often see them pulling beers behind the bar, chatting to patrons or running food. We reckon they are probably two of the most aussie guys you’ll ever meet in Oz so it’s worth dropping by there for a schooner of beer just to meet them.

The boys are really helpful, if your looking for a good night out, a great place to stay, some advice about whats doing in the area, they will go out of their way to help you.
they really are what makes the Excelsior so great.

Watch Belle’s interview with the Chappy Brothers>

Mark and Andrew have a chat and talk about what the Excelsior can offer travellers

Excelsior Hotel Video Transcription

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